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The 5 Best Bongs Under $100

by Spencer Grey


It’s not easy to source quality bongs on a budget, but Smoking Outlet carries the best cheap bongs of 2018. These water pipes serve up serious function with an array of different percolators, and each one has a unique style that stands out in a crowd. These are five of our favorite affordable bongs under $100.


Little by Diamond Glass - $54.99


The Little by Diamond Glass packs a lot of percolating punch into 8 inches of height. It’s got both a diffused downstem and a UFO perc in the second chamber, making it an exceptional value. This water pipe is wonderfully stable and highly portable. It makes the perfect daily driver for anyone who wants both affordability and quality in a smaller package.  


The Dreaming Calavera Soft Glass Bong - $59.99


Soft glass, the ultimate Old School bong material, is now more affordable than ever. We love these soft glass bongs for their reassuring weight and shimmering metallic colors. The visual appeal, stability, and function of the Dreaming Calavera make them a perfect water pipe choice for anyone into skeletal anatomy!    


9mm Full Print Beaker Bong - $79.99



Those who want a unique piece will love these 9mm Full Print Beaker Bongs in your choice of pattern. Make your statement with classic cheetah print, or colored camo—all baked onto high quality 9mm glass. These are some of the best bongs on a budget, and their function confirms it!


Fleur de Lines Frosted Straight Tube Bong by Diamond Glass - $89.99


We know it sounds too good to be true, but you CAN get a classic straight tube bong that drips elegance for under $100! The Fleur de Lines is a stunning piece by Diamond Glass, made from 8mm glass with beautiful etched geometric details. This water pipe is 15.5 inches tall, and is hands down one of the best bongs under $100. This pipe is heavy, stable, and big enough for massive rips all day long.  


Curvy Classic by Aqua Works Glass - $99.99



Looking for a pipe with exceptional glass quality, stability, functionality and serious good looks? Sure, easy to find. Trying to find that bong under $100? ALMOST impossible, but we’ve got you covered with the Curvy Classic by Aqua Works Glass! This double chamber bong is undoubtedly one of the best bongs of 2018, sporting a showerhead perc in the bottom, and a dome perc up top. Its curved shape provides a natural grip, and after your first double-cooled hit you won’t want to put it down.


Your Source for the Best Bongs Under $100

These bongs are our personal favorites, but we’ve got lots more in out Bongs & Dab Rigs Under $100 category! Not looking to drop that much but still want an affordable pipe? Peruse our best Bongs & Dab Rigs Under $50. Got questions? Feel free to hit us up on chat, and we can help you find the best bong for you.

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