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The 5 Best Bongs Under $50

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 Comments (0)

By Spencer Grey


Looking for quality bongs on a budget? Smoking Outlet has you covered. We’ve got a huge variety of water pipes to match your needs at low prices. Cheap bongs can still deliver smooth sessions and great glass quality, so strap in and check out our five best bongs under 50 bucks.





Sphere of Influence Water Pipe - $29.99


Sphere of Influence Water Pipe


I know it sounds crazy but yes, you CAN get a solid, functional bong for under $30. The Sphere of Influence is made of quality ⅛ inch glass, with a stable base under the bubble chamber. This water pipe is powered by a fixed stem with three diffusion holes. This is as good as a daily driver gets!    


Classic Can by Genesis Glass - $29.99





Genesis Glass answers your affordable water pipe prayers with the Classic Can. This midsize bong features an extra thick base for stability, and a killer showerhead in the chamber to bring the bubbles. Easy to hold and easy to pass, this is a great pipe to break out with friends.


Mandala by Diamond Glass - $39.99


Mandala Water Pipe by Diamond Glass


These sleek Mandala water pipes by Diamond Glass offer a little something different for those who like a decorative piece. The diffused downstem allows for powerful bubble in the small chamber, and this piece looks phenomenal filling up with smoke. If you want a water pipe with personality, the Mandala is a solid choice.  


Oops, It’s a Bong! By Aqua Works Glass - $44.99


Oops, It's a Bong by Aqua Works Glass


Oops, It’s a Bong! These hybrid silicone pipes were originally designed as dab rigs. But since they came without the concentrate container and dab tool, we decided they’d make amazing bongs! These slim, mid-sized water pipes feature two chambers with three percs. The bottom contains an inline diffuser and a multi-hole perc similar to a honeycomb. The glass chamber sports a UFO perc for serious diffusion, and can be removed for a pure silicone pipe experience.  


Hex Top Bong by Aqua Works Glass - $49.99


Hex Top Bong by Aqua Works Glass


Aqua Works Glass strikes again with a quality water pipe at a crazy low price. The Hex Top Bong features extra thick 7mm glass in its hex-shaped neck, and standard ⅛ inch glass through the chamber. The diffused downstem gets this water pipe going with six wide diffusion slits, and an ice pinch makes for supercooled hits.


We’ve Got the Best Cheap Bongs!


Here’s the bottom line: We know cheap bongs and dab rigs get a bad rap, and that’s why we select the best pieces to offer and the most affordable prices. Every piece on this list is sturdy, stable, and will deliver a smooth smoke every time. If you’re looking for something on the fancier side, you can still find it at a fantastic price in our Bongs & Dab Rigs Under $100 section.



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