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Almost Half of Weed Users Have Gone to Work Blazed

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 Comments (0)

by Spencer Grey


As legalization becomes more firmly entrenched in states like Washington and Colorado, more and more research keeps rolling in about our changing attitudes toward weed. In 2017, a 600-person poll revealed something that may or may not shock you: nearly half of marijuana users have punched the clock high. Depending on your sector of employment, your reaction probably varies. If you’re a high-powered executive, it probably seems like an astronomical percentage. But if you’re, say, a dishwasher… You may be thinking that number seems suspiciously low. While the Instamotor survey did not ask participants about their profession, it did reveal some more information on how comfortable workers are showing up blazed.

Breaking Down Responses


The overarching takeaway from this is that 48% of marijuana users happily admit to going to work high at least once in their lives. Things get more interesting when you consider the results of the question “How often do you go to work high?”


  • 39% - At least once a week

  • 17% - At least once a month

  • 28% - Multiple times per year

  • 18% - Not within the last year


So, almost 40% of the people who report getting high before work do it at least once per week. It seems that if you’re going to do it at all, you’re more likely to take the risk regularly. Here are two more results, that you’d think would be in complete opposition to each other:


  • 50% of people who go to work stoned believe they will be fired if discovered

  • 73% of people who go to work stoned say their job performance improves while high


Additionally, 74% of the respondents who go to work high said they have been doing it since before recreational weed was legalized in their states. It seems that once you make the decision to go to work high, you may end up throwing the potential consequences to the wind.


A Dangerous Game


While you may be convinced that your performance increases while sailing on cloud 9, your employer almost certainly doesn’t agree. Since cannabis is still federally illegal, there’s nothing stopping employers from testing you for marijuana—and firing you should you test positive. And in case we need to remind you, actually bringing weed to work is definitely a fireable offense.


The other disturbing trend here is that, presumably, some of the respondents who go to work high at least once a week are getting stoned before they drive. A different Instamotor survey confirmed that 39% of cannabis users in legal states feel fine about getting behind the wheel while high. We have to remind you that this is exactly the kind of thing that makes marijuana users look bad, and can’t recommend this practice in any terms. Getting a Driving Under the Influence of Drugs is not going to do anything positive for you, and will almost always result in a steep fine.


The bottom line is: despite blossoming support for legal weed, we’re just not to the point where you can be open about getting high for work. Whether or not it helps you out, keep it under wraps and be responsible about your use!




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