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Banger Nails & Carb Caps

We offer a variety of nails for your dab rig to suit your tastes and budget, with a selection of materials, joint sizes, styles, and designs available. From domeless titanium nails to quartz banger nails, you’ll find the perfect match for you and your pipe. When applicable, be sure to specify 14mm or 18mm and either male or female.


Carb caps work by “capping” your nail, restricting airflow much like the carburetor in your car, hence the name. When using a carb cap, you cap the nail while drawing air through the rig, which results in uneven pressure, as more air is being sucked out from the nail than is allowed in through the small hole in the carb cap. This results in a low pressure environment beneath the carb cap, reducing the air pressure above your concentrate and thereby causing it to boil and vaporize without any additional combustion. The result is more flavorful, potent hits, all while dealing with lower temperatures, less smoke from combustion, and more efficient use of your wax or oil concentrate. For a full explanation of the science behind carb caps, including wonderful diagrams, check out our blog post, “Why YOU Need A Carb Cap”.


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