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• Includes: GENERIC Water Pipe, Ashcatcher, and Nectar Collector
• Curated by: Miji
Manufacturer: Non-Branded
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note: actual product may differ slightly from image shown

Move over, girly pipes. Blasting down your door with raw toking power, the Big Guns Collection is a full armory of heavy smoke artillery. Wusses need not apply. From the grenade ashcatcher/bowl hybrid, to the wide bore herb cannon, to the tactical take-anywhere silicone nectar collector, you’ll never be without the gear you need with this collection, and we’re not just blowing smoke!


Here’s what Miji has to say: “I may be soft-spoken, but I know what I like: big guns, big engines, and loud motorcycles. I wanted to put together a collection that represented that raw power in the awesome pipes we sell. Some ladies like pretty, delicately designed spoon pipes they can carry in their purse. Not this gal. When I take out my Heavy Artillery, everybody knows I mean business. No matter who you are, show everyone you smoke with you’re not to be taken lightly, and if they can keep up with you, maybe they’ll earn a puff off your pipe, too. As I like to say - smoke lightly, and carry a big bong.”


This collection includes:
Heavy Artillery
Hand Grenade Ashcatcher
Silicone Nectar Collector


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