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Conductor’s Dream Bong by Apollo Glassworks

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• Double Chamber
• Sprinkler Perc, Showerhead Perc, Glycerin Tube
• 18mm Female Joint
• 18mm Male Bowl Piece
• Borosilicate Glass
• Height: 16.75”
• Thickness: 6mm
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The train has hit the station, and you’ll be hitting it too with this immensely intricate bong by Apollo Glassworks. Featuring two chambers and a huge glycerin tube, this bong powers hits big enough to knock you flat out. The bottom chamber features a uniquely-designed sprinkler perc for the first hit of filtration, and the top chamber holds a powerful showerhead in the center, surrounded by an adorable train. The glycerin tube holds a crossing sign, and is attached via keck clip. Not only is the Conductor's Dream absolutely stunning, the heavy-duty build is quite impressive. This statuesque water pipe is a wonderful collection item for any train enthusiast, and it seriously rips!

Product Specifications
Height 16.75"
Weight 69.3 oz
Glass Thickness 6mm
Base Diameter 5.25"
Mouthpiece Inside Diameter 0.5"
Mouthpiece Outside Diameter 2.1"
Female Joint Diameter and Depth 18mm, 1"
Male Bowl Piece Joint Diameter and Depth 18mm, 1"
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