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Diamond Glass Starter Collection



• Includes: Beaker Bong and Ashcatcher
Beaker Bong Specs:
‐ Single Chamber; Showerhead Perc
‐ 14mm Male Bowl Piece for Dry Herb
‐ Height: 9.75”
‐ Weight: 15.8 oz.
Ashcatcher Specs:
‐ Single Chamber, Cross Joint Perc
‐ 14mm Female and 14mm Male Joint
‐ Height: 4.8”
‐ Weight: 5.3 oz.
• Curated by: Young
Brands: Diamond Glass
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Built from trusted Diamond Glass pieces, the Diamond Glass Starter Collection is a perfect fit for first time smokers and old timers on a budget alike. Simple and sleek, the matched beaker and ashcatcher provide competent percolation without breaking the bank, and from a supplier every head shop trusts. Whether you’re looking for your first kit, or need replacement gear after a big move, the Diamond Glass Starter Collection is the first step to building your own personal collection of functional glass.


Here’s what Young has to say: “Not everyone is a veteran in the glass game, but that doesn’t mean that everyone shouldn’t get a fair shot at having a great kit for their first pipe. The Diamond Glass Starter Collection is for everyone who wants a head start on getting a great pipe, without having to worry too much about the details. Diamond Glass is an affordable, all-American company producing reliable, fantastic brand name glass. You can’t go wrong with DG, so don’t sweat the small stuff. With an accompanying ashcatcher to keep your pipe clean, this straight-forward kit will last you well into when you’re considering a more complex ugrade.”


This collection includes:
Showerhead Perc, Diamond Glass Beaker Bong
Cross Joint Perc Ashcatcher by Diamond Glass


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