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 Other Essentials


Not everything you need for a great smoking experience attaches to your pipe. Over decades, smokers have collected an assortment of tools and accessories to streamline and enhance the smoking experience, such as: wax and oil containers, tobacco scales or mail scales, grinders and rolling trays. We're proud to offer smoking accessories that will make your experience more enjoyable and efficient.

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Orange Chronic Cleaner
Silicone Skin Tool Holder
The Jetsetter Lighter
Brass Screens 5 Packs
The Glass Pillow Case
High Times Weed Test
Picture of Glowing Ganja Ashtray
Toker Poker Lighter Sleeve
Poppin' Style Lighters
Energy Drink Stash Cans
utest Marijuana Test
utest 3-Panel Drug Test
utest 12-Panel Drug Test
Smoke & Chill Ashtray
The Lady Smiles Back
AWS Matchbox Scale
Stash It Storage Jar