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 Other Essentials


Not everything you need for a great smoking experience attaches to your pipe. Over decades, smokers have collected an assortment of tools and accessories to streamline and enhance the smoking experience, such as: wax and oil containers, tobacco scales or mail scales, grinders and rolling trays. We're proud to offer smoking accessories that will make your experience more enjoyable and efficient.

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Orange Chronic Cleaner
Silicone Skin Tool Holder
The Jetsetter Lighter
Brass Screens 5 Packs
The Glass Pillow Case
High Times Weed Test
Picture of Glowing Ganja Ashtray
Soda Stash Can
Toker Poker Lighter Sleeve
Poppin' Style Lighters
Energy Drink Stash Cans
utest Marijuana Test
utest 3-Panel Drug Test
utest 12-Panel Drug Test
Smoke & Chill Ashtray
The Lady Smiles Back
AWS Matchbox Scale