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Horus’ Tomb Collection



Includes: Bong, Ashcatcher, and Bowl Piece
Bong Specs:
‐ Double Chamber, Showerhead Perc
‐ 14mm Male Bowl Piece for Legal Dry Herb
‐ Height: 7.5”
‐ Weight: 14.3 oz.
Ashcatcher Specs:
‐ Single Chamber, Button Perc
‐ 14mm Female and 14mm Male Joint
‐ Height: 5.25”
‐ Weight: 5.5 oz.
Bowl Piece Specs:
‐ Joint Size: (Male) 14mmE
‐ Height: 3”
‐ Weight: 2 oz.
• Curated by: Ryker
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A full themed kit with unique, striking pieces, this Egyptian mythology inspired collection brings you to the smoky halls of Horus' Tomb, at the bottom of the Pyramid Temply of Osiris.


Here’s what Ryker has to say: “Beware all ye who enter here! The curse of Horus upon all who disturb his rest! A thousand bowls of torment upon thee! Wait, hold up, that's not very torturous. Guess you caught a lucky break, because Horus' Tomb is full of sweet green treasure, ripe for the taking. This savvy collection delivers unique flair in a complete bong kit, with themed bowl, bong, and ashcatcher all working together to 'curse' you with the most ancient of sins - a fantastic high.”


This collection includes:
Pyramid Temple of Osiris by Osiris USA Glass
8-Button Perc Ashcatcher by Diamond Glass
Screamin’ Eagle Male Glass Bowl Piece


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