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Illuminati Glass 14mm Reclaim Catcher Kit

SKU: 6801
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• Reclaim Catcher + 2 Silicone Containers
• 14mm Male Connection
• Borosilicate Glass & Silicone
• Height: 3.25”
• Thickness: 3mm
• Banger Nail NOT Included
• Container colors are random.
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If you aim to utilize your concentrates to the fullest, collecting reclaim is a fantastic way to make that happen! This reclaim catcher from prestigious brand Illuminati Glass makes the process simple with this set, including two silicone containers/reclaim cups. These are available for both 90° and 45° joints, so they are compatible with any 14mm-jointed water pipe!

To use, simply insert into the dab rig's joint, and place the dab nail in the catcher. When you take a dab, some of the wax ends up dripping down the tube, which eventually collects in the silicone cup. This reclaimed wax can be re-dabbed, spread on a joint for extra potency, or even consumed, because it's been de-carbed in the heating process. 

Check out our blog post "The Reclaim Rundown" to learn about how to collect and utilize reclaimed concentrate!

Product Specifications
Weight 2.3 oz
Height 3.25"
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