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Laced Nano Bubbler


• Glass Bubbler for Dry Herb
• Left Carb Hole
• Height: Approx 5.5”
• Bowl Diameter: Approx .65”
• Mouthpiece & Draft Hole Diameter: .2”
• Carb Hole Diameter: .15”
• Weight: 2.8 oz
Brands: Non-Branded
Availability: Out of stock
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Sometimes you want a nice filtered smoke without the large footprint of a traditional bong or bubbler. That’s where this piece comes in! The Laced Nano Bubbler is one of the smallest water pipes around, but is still big enough to deliver bubbly hits through its open end downstem. With a simple cane and lace design, this piece has a classic look, and is small enough to be easily hidden when necessary.


Shipping Info
Weight: 2.80 ounce(s)
Height: 0.00 inch(es)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Product Specifications
Hand Pipe Dimensions
Hand Pipe Length 5.5"
Hand Pipe Weight 2.8 oz
Mouthpiece Hole Diameter .2"
Draft Hole Diameter .2"
Carb Hole Diameter .15"
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