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Lazy Gecko Glass Spoon Pipe


• Glass Spoon Pipe for Dry Herb
• Stringer Glasswork
• Left Carb Hole
• Length: Approx 5.25”
• Weight: 8 oz
• Mouthpiece Diameter: .35"
• Carb & Draft Hole Diameter: .2"
Brands: Non-Branded
Availability: In stock
SKU: SP-04L0
(actual product may differ slightly from image shown)

Crawling out of the California beach sands, comes an animal of truly chillaxed demeanor. Scaly stripes adorning its body, this wacky gecko has six legs instead of four! Not that it’s any more energetic for the extra limbs - true to its name, this gecko prefers to kick back and relax, and the thick, comfortable head of the pipe allows you to do just that while you have a smoke.


The carb hole and bowl draft are both 0.2”, while the mouthpiece is a massive 0.35” in diameter for pulls as fat as this pipe.


Shipping Info
Weight: 8.00 ounce(s)
Height: 0.00 inch(es)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Product Specifications
Hand Pipe Dimensions
Hand Pipe Length 5.25"
Hand Pipe Weight 8 oz.
Mouthpiece Hole Diameter 0.35"
Draft Hole Diameter 0.2"
Carb Hole Diameter 0.2"
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