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Lookah Snail Wax Tank & Quartz Coils Set

Brands: Lookah Glass
SKU: 6973199590086
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• 1 Refillable Cartridge & 4 Quartz Coils for Lookah Snail Vaporizer
• 5 Pieces
• Material: Quartz
• 510-Connection
• Styles: Tunnel, Column, Flat, & Double Rod
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This kit contains a refillable wax tank cartridge, as well as four quartz coils, compatible with the Lookah Snail Vape Battery. Each model (A, B, C & M) is a different coil style, utilizing unique shapes to heat concentrates.


Model A: 4 x Column Quartz Coils

Model B: 4 x Dual Quartz Rod Quartz Coils

Model C: 4 x Tunnel Quartz Coils

Model D: 4 x Flat Quartz Coils

Model M: Tunnel, Column, Flat, & Double Quartz Rod Coils


Product Specifications
Height 4.5"
Weight 1.7 oz