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Lookah “Wild Beasts” Collection



• Includes: Water Pipe, Ashcatcher, and Bowl Piece
Water Pipe Specs:
‐ Double Chamber; 5-Bullet and Showerhead Perc
‐ 18mm Male Bowl Piece for Legal Dry Herb
‐ Height: 14”
‐ Weight: 40.625 oz.
Ashcatcher Specs:
‐ 4-Bullet Perc Ashcatcher/Precooler
‐ 18mm Female and 18mm Male Joint
‐ Height: 5.5”
‐ Weight: 8.4 oz.
Bowl Piece Specs:
‐ Joint Style: Rough, Glass on Glass
‐ Joint Size: 18mm Male
‐ Height: 3.5”
‐ Weight: 2 oz.
• Curated by: Ryker
Brands: Lookah Glass
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Big and beautiful, the Lookah “Wild Beasts” Collection has more than just bite. A thematically inspired collection, Wild Beasts shoots for the stars and lands among the dinosaurs, with sinister devil-styled percs and a toothy crocodile bowl. This set is as expressive as it is functional, focusing a keen sense of bestial style into a restrained pipe profile. This is a great collection to use as a jumping off point for your own bong creations, showcasing how you can express an particular aesthetic through your glass. But that’s not to say it isn’t a kickass collection in its own right!


Here’s what Ryker has to say: “Music is important to me, and I wanted to bring together a set of glass that shares the same bold, self-aware theatrics as one of my favorite bands. The Lookah “Wild Beasts” Collection is designed with that in mind - at once flamboyant and powerful, the flair of the glass belies the power and durability that backstops this dynamic collection. I drew from Lookah’s signature unrestrained style in assembling this kit; the frill-necked glass devil and the gaping crocodile maw were a natural fit, underlining the tacit joke that there’s a little bit of animal in all of us.”


This collection includes:
The Devil's Revolver by Lookah Glass
4-Bullet Perc Ashcatcher by Lookah Glass
Crazy Crocodile Male Glass Bowl Piece


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