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Pika-Stoned Rolling Tray


• Internal Dimensions: 4.5” x 6”
• External Dimensions: 5.5” x 7"
• Depth: 0.6”
• Weight: 3.2 oz.
Brands: Non-Branded
Availability: In stock
SKU: 8658
(actual product may differ slightly from image shown)

Pikachu's going to give you all the motivation you need to roll some wicked joints! The small size makes this rolling tray super easy to store, and the glossy finish makes it a breeze to clean after you're finished up. Roll up your J's with Pikachu - you won't regret it!

Shipping Info
Weight: 3.20 ounce(s)
Height: 0.60 inch(es)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Product Specifications
Height 0.6"
Weight 3.2 oz
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