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Water Pipe Accessories

A new pipe is like an empty apartment - the utilities work, it accomplishes what it’s supposed to, and you want to show it off to all your friends - but it’s not yet your own. Personalize your pipe with unique bowl pieces, diffused downstems, vapor domes and nails, banger nails, adapters, carb caps and more to get the most out of your glass and make it distinctly yours. Convert your existing pipe into dab rig for wax and oil concentrates. Deck out your pipe with hand-designed bowl pieces with your favorite characters and styles. Use your old favorite bowl on your brand new water pipe or bong, no matter the joint, with gender and joint size adapters.


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Picture of Pickle Rick Dabber
Bulb Downstem
Picture of Bubble Glass Carb Cap
Dropdown Banger Nail
Picture of Lil' Devilish Carb Cap
Picture of Rick & Morty Dabber
Picture of Horned Demon Dabber
E-Nail Quartz Banger
Picture of Iridescent Bubble Carb Cap
Picture of Secret Spell Wand Dabber
Picture of Rabbit Fuel Dabber
Picture of Shake 'Em Up Dabber
Picture of Blade of Destiny Dabber
Picture of Sea Spike Dabber
Plugged Down Stem
4mm Clear Quartz Banger Nail