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Great Non-Branded Glass

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 Comments (0)

by Spencer Grey


Great Non-Branded Glass Dab RigsIt’s awesome to get a quality piece of glass from a brand you know and love, but every now and then, you come across some incredible non-branded pipes. We just got in a ton of dab rigs that will blow you away with their quality, without breaking the bank. With Christmas right around the corner, these affordable dab rigs make a perfect gift for the dabber who appreciates thick and lustrous glass. These rigs have small footprints but bigtime percolation, and just might replace anyone's favorite daily driver.  




These rigs are not affiliated with Illuminati Glass, but they’re produced by the same manufacturer. You can absolutely tell these pieces are made with care just from the glass quality. Each dab rig displays stunning glass clarity, and solidly-crafted joints. The tinted accents are phenomenally deep and vibrant, as opposed to the weak colors you find in a lot of dab rigs in this price range. The Strawberry Limeade rig below is the perfect example of the beautiful hues in these pipes.  




If you’re a lover of precision percs, you’ll be blown away by this line. The majority of these oil rigs feature a big bold showerhead perc to create the large bubbles you want to preserve the flavor of your concentrate.


One model features a drum perc with honeycomb-shaped diffusion holes, which makes for a spectacular complement to the etched, frosted design.



We’re super stoked to have this new line, since it’s going to put incredible quality glass in the hands of people who otherwise couldn't drop the cash for it. You might miss the gold leaf logo for a minute, but you’ll forget all about it when you gaze through the crystal clear glass and take your first dab off the gorgeous quartz.   

Don’t sleep on these dab rigs! They deliver everything you expect from a top brand, with a far lighter price tag.






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