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Bongo's Reward Points

Every body loves Bongo, so of course everybody loves Bongo's Reward Points! Everybody loves them, and everybody wants to have them. They’re our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers, providing a valuable rebate to every registered customer who shops at our store.


As a registered customer, for every $10 you spend, you’ll earn 1 Reward Point, an effective 2% rebate on all purchases. You can stockpile as many Reward Points as you wish, and redeem them at any time during the purchase of any item we sell.


Looking for ways to score extra points and get more free stuff?


1. Write a Review

Every verified review you submit for our products nets you 5 Reward Points! We love your feedback, and we want you to love giving it!


2. Follow/Post/Share

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and tag us and a friend in a photo or video of your purchase. Just like that, you've got yourself another 10 Reward Points! If you already follow us, simply post and share (make sure you tag us and a friend)!

Also, keep an eye out on our social media for opportunities to win FREE Reward Points.


How to spend your Reward Points:

Every purchase you make at Smoking Outlet will earn you Reward Points. The next time you go to check out, you’ll see the following option under Payment Method:


payment method


In this example, we have a customer who has saved up a whopping 150 Reward Points! If you select “Use my reward points,” you’ll apply all of your current balance of Reward Points to your total purchase, up to the total cost of your cart. Don’t worry! If you have more value in Reward Points than your purchase costs, you’ll keep the remaining points. When you proceed to confirm your order, you’ll see the following information:


Reward Points


As shown here, the value of your Reward Points is deducted from the total cost of your purchase, after any shipping and tax fees, saving you money on every purchase you make. Not only that, but even purchases made using Reward Points will still earn you additional Reward Points!


***Please note***

You must have a registered account to earn Reward Points.


Guest accounts will not receive Reward Points.


Redeemed Reward Points cannot be refunded. If you choose to receive a refund on your purchase made with Reward Points, you will be refunded the total dollar amount charged after the Reward Points have been redeemed.