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Stealthy Stoner Bongo Box


This Bongo Box Includes:
Soda Stash Can
Smokebuddy Jr. Personal Air FIlter
Clear Cones
• Small Glass Spoon Pipe
• Large Smoke Odor Eliminator Candle
• Mini Grinder
• Portable Ash Tray
• Lighter
• Little Trees Air Freshener
• Scent Bomb Air Freshener Spray
• Eye Drops
• Hand Sanitizer
• Custom Stealthy Stoner Bongo Stickers


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Do you live in a household where smoking is a no-go? Are you a beginner smoker? Or maybe, you've got to keep it on the down-low when you're on the go? Whatever your dilemma is, we've got you covered!


The Stealthy Stoner Bongo Box is made for anyone who needs to keep their smoke to themselves! Each item in this kit makes it easier than ever for you to keep it sly while you enjoy your green. This box includes 12 items for your stealthy stash!: Portable smoking tools like the glass spoon pipe, mini grinder, lighter, and portable ash tray make it super simple to conceal thanks to their small size, as well as transport without the hassle. The Smokebuddy Jr. is the key to keeping that secret... inhale, blow into the Smokebuddy, and no odor comes out the other end!


The soda stash can is an ingenious way to store your bud: It looks and feels identical to a can of Sprite and is airtight, so no one will be the wiser! We also included some odor-masking goodies like the Smoke Odor Eliminator candle, Scent Bomb spray, and Little Trees air freshener for some added insurance so you're totally confident you don't leave a trace. Last but not least, we had to throw in eye drops and hand sanitizer, because getting rid of those bloodshot eyes and dank smell on your hands is a must!

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