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Sunrise Dragon Glass Steamroller



• Glass Steamroller for Legal Dry Herb
• Sculpted Glasswork
• Front Carb Hole
• Length: Approx 10.5”
• Weight: 10.1 oz.
• Mouthpiece Diameter: .5”
• Carb Hole Diameter: .25"
• Draft Hole Diameter: .125"
Brands: Non-Branded
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(actual product may differ slightly from image shown)
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Rise and shine, sleepyhead! The playful dragon inhabiting this steamroller will huff, and puff, and help you start your day off right. Don’t worry about her rolling away! Even though she’s a steam roller, her home comes equipped with glass pegs to keep her safe and sound. The dragon, bowl, and ends of this steamroller are tinted yellow with a slight fume to the glasswork, while the dragon has extra colorful fins. This is one of the most regal steamrollers out there!

The bowl draft on this pipe is 0.125”, the carb hole is 0.25”, and the mouthpiece is a whopping 0.5” in diameter, for extra big rips.


Shipping Info
Weight: 10.10 ounce(s)
Height: 0.00 inch(es)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Product Specifications
Hand Pipe Dimensions
Hand Pipe Length 10.5"
Hand Pipe Weight 10.1 oz.
Mouthpiece Hole Diameter 0.5"
Draft Hole Diameter 0.125"
Carb Hole Diameter 0.25
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