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The Beginner’s Dab Kit

Friday, April 6, 2018 Comments (0)

by Spencer Grey


You’ve already heard much ado about dabbing, so let’s get to the point: if you’ve ever been interested in it, this is your chance to get set up with the right gear at the right price. The Beginner’s Dab Kit has everything you need get started, and nothing you don’t. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll get, and why you need it.



The Dab Rig


Obviously the most important part of the kit, we’re setting you up with a super-solid piece. The Hybrid Banger Hanger is made of thick and durable glass, with a wide base for serious stability. You also get some fantastic percolation going thanks to the double stacked cactus perc in the chamber. It combines the diffusion slits of a showerhead with the cactus perc right on top of it. It’s enough diffusion to significantly smooth out your vapor. This sturdy rig is the perfect pipe to practice on, and is great for dry herb too.


The Concentrate Container


Concentrate sometimes comes in its own container, but a lot of them come folded up in paper. That’s irritating to use, and some of the dabs always end up sticking to the paper if you try to use it multiple times. To avoid any of that nonsense, it’s best to have an extra container on hand. Silicone is non-stick, so you won’t lose any of your concentrate!


The Dabber


Dabs vary wildly in consistency. Some, like terp sauce, are super runny. Others, like shatter, are hard and require cutting techniques to partition for dabbing. This stainless steel dab tool will do the trick with any kind of concentrate, and is large enough for a sure grip.


The Torch


Torches are scary. But this one fits right in the palm of your hand! It’s ignited with a simple squeeze, and has four small flame jets that are much less intimidating than your average torch. On the bottom, you’ll find a twist-valve that adjusts the flame intensity, so you can ease your way up to flamethrower status bit by bit.   


The Tray


You gotta have a silicone tray when you’re dabbing. The naive beginner always thinks, “I’m not going to put my sticky dab tool directly on the table, who would do that?” But you will. You’ll rest it on something and it’ll roll off, or your dog will start barking at the door and you’ll put it down in a hurry… the possibilities are endless, but trust me. Just keep it clean with the tray. Plus, since it’s food grade silicone, you can bake with it if you’re in a pinch!



That’s it folks: everything you need to start dabbing, besides the concentrate! Grab yours right here.




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