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The Frosted Fog 9mm Bong

Brands: Non-Branded
SKU: Y WCG 98Z14
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• Single Chamber
• Ice Pinch
• 18mm Female Joint
• 18mm/14mm Diffused Downstem
• 14mm Male Bowl Piece
• Borosilicate Glass
• Height: 13.5”
• 9mm Thick Glass
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Beautifully thick glass meets a wickedly cool design with The Frosted Fog! This piece is a beauty, starting from the bulbous chamber, which holds a 6-slit diffused downstem for thorough smoke filtration. The dramatically-hooked neck is not only eye-catching, but the curve also act as an ice pinch to cool your hits even further after it's been filtered. Even the bowl piece is unique: It's crafted from thick glass, and is pinched for easy grip.


The 9mm borosilicate glass is impressive in its crisp, glossy appearance, as well as the durability it provides, ensuring you will have this bong for years to come.

Product Specifications
Height 13.5"
Weight 45.6 oz
Glass Thickness 9mm
Mouthpiece Inside Diameter 1.3"
Mouthpiece Outside Diameter 2.5"
Female Joint Diameter and Depth 18mm, 0.8"
Downstem Joint Diameter, Depth, and Length 18mm/14mm, 0.8", 5.75"
Male Bowl Piece Joint Diameter and Depth 14mm, 0.8"
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