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The Grand Chalice by Clover Glass


•Triple Chamber, Crystal Ball and Windmill Matrix Perc
• 18mm Male Joint, Glass on Glass
• 18mm Female Multihole Bowl Piece for Legal Dry Herb
• Gender Changer, Nails for Concentrate, and Other Accessories Available
• Clear Borosilicate Glass w/ Colored Accents
• Height: 14.75”
• Weight: 37.5 oz.
• Glass Thickness: .125”
• Base Diameter: 4.5”
Brands: Other Brands
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note: actual product may differ slightly from image shown
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Raise your glass for a toast to Chalice, the most regal waterpipe around. This pipe is fit for royalty, and has the flair to match! An attractively curved body houses three large percolation chambers, drawing smoke up through a crystal ball perc and windmill of mini matrices, so every hit will make you feel positively noble.


The refined sensibility of this bong doesn’t stop at the percs, though - a painstakingly faceted base refracts light through the base of the pipe, a high class foundation upon which this pipe’s remarkable style is based. On the more practical side, it comes with a unique multi-holed bowl that promotes even combustion, so you don't end up with unpleasant scorched patches. Show the whole party who’s king of the kush with your very own Grand Chalice by Clover Glass.


Want to convert it to a dab rig? Banger nails available on our accessories page.


Shipping Info
Weight: 37.50 ounce(s)
Height: 14.75 inch(es)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Product Specifications
Height 14.75"
Weight 37.5 oz.
Glass Thickness .125"
Base Diameter 4.5"
Mouthpiece Inside Diameter 1.4"
Mouthpiece Outside Diameter 1.8"
Male Joint Diameter and Depth 18mm, .75"
Female Bowl Piece Joint Diameter and Depth 18mm, .75"
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