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The Hexperiment Beaker Bong by Cheech Glass

Brands: Cheech Glass
SKU: CH CH 013
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• Single Chamber; Cone Perc, Ice Pinch
• 18mm Female Joint, Glass on Glass
• 18mm Male Bowl Piece for Tobacco & Legal Dry Herb
• Gender Changer, Nails for Concentrate, and Other Accessories Available
• Clear/Colored Borosilicate Glass w/ Textured Accents & Cheech Logos
• Height: 13.75”
• Weight: 41 oz
• Glass Thickness: 5mm
• Base Diameter: 5.25”
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Cheech Glass delivers some serious cutting edge quality and style with The Hexperiment Beaker Bong, an exciting spin on a well-loved classic.


The large cone perc, as well as the texured honeycomb pattern add touches of modern uniqueness. With the ice pinch positioned a whopping 8 inches below the mouthpiece, it leaves tons of room for ice, resulting in rips that are cooling and velvety smooth. To help further with the smoothness of your hits, the cone-shaped percolator offers a great deal of diffusion. The slits of the bottom of the perc create lots of bubbles that work to filter out impurities from the smoke, so you can be confident you're getting the best from your herb. With the Cheech Glass brand logos on the neck, perc, and bowl piece, you'll be reppin' in style. These bongs pack a punch in more ways than one!



Want to convert it to a dab rig? Banger nails, downstems, and more available on our accessories page.


Product Specifications
Height 13.75"
Weight 41 oz
Glass Thickness 5mm
Base Diameter 5.25"
Mouthpiece Inside Diameter 1.6"
Mouthpiece Outside Diameter 2.3"
Female Joint Diameter and Depth 18mm, 1"
Male Bowl Piece Joint Diameter and Depth 18mm, 1"
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