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The Lucky Charm Juice Box Bong

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Brands: Non-Branded
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• Single Chamber; Fixed Diffused Downstem Perc
• 14mm Male Joint, Glass on Glass
• 14mm Female Bowl Piece
• Colored Borosilicate Glass
• Height: 7.5”
• Weight: 8.3 oz
• Glass Thickness: 3”
• Base Width: 2.5”
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The charming and innovative juice box bong has taken on a whole new life with these clever designs, including Cupid and a King playing card. Vibrant, crisp graphics cover all four sides, wasting no room for eye-catching designs. The rectangular chamber is the perfect size for easy handheld smoking, with a mouthpiece that allows easy access. A diffused fixed stem perc beautifully filters smoke for cool, smooth hits. Get your hands on one of these quirky water pipes that are as fun to use as they are to admire!

Product Specifications
Weight8.3 oz
Glass Thickness3mm
Base Diameter2.5"
Mouthpiece Inside Diameter0.3"
Mouthpiece Outside Diameter0.4"
Male Joint Diameter and Depth14mm, 0.9"
Female Bowl Piece Joint Diameter and Depth14mm, 0.9"
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