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Tidy Toker Bongo Box

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This Bongo Box Includes:
Formula 420 Cleaner
Toker Poker Lighter Sleeve
Dill’s Premium Pipe Cleaners
Brass Screens
Randy’s Snaps Cleaning Swabs
Randy’s 2” Cleaning Brush
• Black Mini Rolling Tray
• Silicone Dab Pad / Water Pipe Mat
• Portable Ash Tray
• Plastic Apple Bags
• Custom Tidy Toker Bongo Stickers


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While dabbing and smoking is all about enjoying ourselves and relaxing, that doesn't mean there's no responsibility involved! It's important to take care of your bongs, dab rigs, and pipes to the best of your ability with the proper supplies, so they can last long and always look great. In the Tidy Toker Bongo Box, we've included everything you need to keep all of your pieces sparkling clean!


With Formula 420 Cleaner, simply add some into whatever piece you're cleaning, shake for 1 minute, rinse, and you're done! It truly makes cleaning a breeze. We've also included a 2" Cleaning Brush that's perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach gunk that builds up in bongs and rigs, as well as Pipe Cleaners for scrubbing up those smaller areas. Additionally, the Snaps Cleaning Swabs are alcohol-infused cotton swabs that are fanstastic for stubborn cleaning jobs in compact areas.


The Toker Poker Lighter Sleeve is a miracle worker! It allows you to poke and tamp your bowls with tools that are actually meant for the job, instead of gunking up the corner of your lighter. We also added in a nice black rolling tray, as well as a silicone mat that functions as a dab mat to put your concentrates on (they don't stick!), and as a protective mat for your water pipes, to ensure they won't slip and slide on your table. We also had to add in Brass Screens! Place these on the draft hole of your hand pipe or bowl piece of your bong. With hand pipes, it conveniently prevents burnt debris from ending up in your mouth (ick!) and excess matter dirtying up your glass way quicker. When added to the bowl piece of your bong, it prevents the debris from ending up in your water, resulting in clean water for much longer!


The days of being lazy with our glass is over. It's time to tidy up!