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V12 Mini Twisty Glass Blunt

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Brands: Non-Branded
• Glass Blunt for Dry Herb
• Length: 3.5”
• Tip Diameter: Approx .45”
• Weight: 1.2 oz
Availability: Out of stock

Blunts are a pleasure to smoke, but there are a lot of drawbacks to them. The V12 Twisty Glass Blunt solves most, if not all of the issues with classic blunts. Its smaller size means that you can toke up by yourself without grinding up every bit of herb you have, but still pack enough to share. No burning paper means no stained and stinky fingers, and the herb left in the tube suffers less flavor alteration. This glass blunt comes with an end cap, so when you’re finished with your session just twist out the ashes ‘til you hit green, and cap it off for easy storage and transport. The blunt comes apart for easy cleaning, and includes a small poking tool to help with loading. If you like smoking dry herb joint or blunt style, this accessory will make your life much easier. And, of course, it looks super cool!


Product Specifications
Hand Pipe Length3.5"
Hand Pipe Weight1.2 oz
Mouthpiece Hole Diameter.25"
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