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Which States Voted for Legal Weed?

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 Comments (0)

by Spencer Grey


This midterm election has been fraught with more division and anxiety than many thought possible. But there were a couple of bright spots out there for those of us that love weed. We were happy to see that multiple states had cannabis measures on the ballot this year, and we’re even more pleased to say some of those measures passed! Here’s a list of all the states that put pot to a vote.



North Dakota: Recreational Legalization


I think it’s safe to say nobody really expected North Dakota to legalize weed. Measure 3 allowed adult use and possession of cannabis for those over 21, and even allow growing and sales among adults with no restrictions to speak of. It didn’t even create a regulatory or tax system, due to its libertarian roots.


The Vote: 40.5% for, 59.5% against


The initiative failed to pass, but we’re proud of all the people who showed support anyway.


Missouri: Medical Legalization


Missouri had a very strange setup regarding cannabis measures, with three separate propositions to legalize medical marijuana. Among the three, voters chose the one which provided the greatest benefits to patients. Amendment 2 allows patients to purchase medical marijuana as long as a doctor prescribes it for one of 10 specific conditions. This measure also allows patients to cultivate up to six plants at home, as long as they are registered with the state.     


The Vote: 65% for, 35% against


Despite the confusion of having three different measures on the ballot, Missouri voters went straight for the one which allows home cultivation. It’ll be awhile before the system gets up and running, with June 6th as the target for opening business applications.


Utah: Medical Legalization


Utah has never been top of the list when it comes to expected legalization states. With its largely conservative population and an organized resistance on the part of the Mormon church, Utah was fighting a losing battle on the medical legalization measure, Proposition 2. This measure is more specific than most, allowing just five dispensaries to operate in the state. Patients would access their medical cannabis via a state pharmacy, and doctors’ recommendations would include a specific dosage and form of cannabis product.


The Vote: 53% for, 47% against


Almost unbelievably, Utah voters passed Proposition 2. However, there will be some changes made to the measure. To appease the church, edibles will be banned and home growing will not be allowed, even for those who live too far from a dispensary.


Michigan: Recreational Legalization


Michigan’s recreational legalization bill, Proposition 1, was ambitious from the get-go. The measure would allow adults to stash up to 10 ounces of pot at home, and grow up to 12 plants. We’re not sure why you’d ever need that much weed, or how lawmakers came up with these numbers. What does make sense is the 10% tax on retail sales, which would go toward improving the areas where pot businesses are located.


The Vote: 57% for, 43% against


The people have spoken, and Michigan is the newest state to fully legalize recreational marijuana! By December 6th, Michigan residents will be allowed to publicly possess up to 2.5 ounces of weed. Again, seems excessive, but we’re incredibly happy for the Great Lake state!


Inevitable Progress


At this point, it looks like there’s no stopping the legalization train. When you have the Mormon church cosigning a medical marijuana measure, you know the times are changing. Regardless of your political stance, we can all appreciate that this midterm election was a clear win for weed.      



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