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Ashcatchers & Precoolers

Ashcatchers (also known as precoolers) offer a crucial service for any smoker: They keep your pipe clean. Any daily smoker knows keeping a bong clean is often an uphill battle, and it’s easy to let your piece get gunked up if you’re not careful. An ashcatcher is essentially a mini bong you insert into your bigger piece, which traps ashes before they can make it into the pipe.


Aschatcher Construction

Ashcatchers almost exclusively consist of glass cylinders a few inches tall, with a joint connecting to the pipe and a joint which holds the bowl. The simplest ashcatchers have a stem with two or more holes to create basic percolation and pre-cool your smoke before the show gets started in the pipes’ main chamber.


Ashcatcher Features

There’s nothing wrong with a simple ashcatcher setup, but there are some truly impressive designs available. Showerhead percolators are the most common in ashcatchers, but you can also find matrix percs, button percs, and more. Some ashcatchers even have two chambers, often combining a honeycomb perc with showerhead or another dependable perc. 


The two main options for an ashcatcher are the joint size and the arm angle. Ashcatchers are usually for use on larger pipes, so the most common joint size is 18mm paired with a 45 degree angle. For more information on our ashcatchers for sale, check out our blog post, “Here’s Why No One Should Live Without an Ashcatcher”.


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