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What do you do when you have that in-between feeling, when you just can’t decide between a quick smoke from a simple hand pipe or a long, smooth, water-cooled hit from your bong? You pick up a bubbler and get the best of both worlds! Featuring the portability of a hand pipe and the filtration of a water pipe, bubblers are the perfect pipe for the smoker who wants it all.

Bubblers are water-filtered hand pipes, and there are several different types. To find out more, read Your Basic Guide to Bubblers!

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Confetti Carnival Bubbler
Art House Bubbler
Picture of Candy Button Bubbler
Rasta Party Frit Bubbler
Candy Rasta Twist Bubbler
Aurora Contortion Bubbler
Bubbly Babe Bubbler
Charlie Brown Lefty Bubbler
The Duplex Hammer Bubbler