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Bowl Pieces 


Whether you’re looking for a simple replacement bowl or something to add a bit more character to your pipe or bong, we’ve got you covered. If you see a bowl you like but it is not the correct gender, all you need to do is purchase a gender changer adapter and there you go! When applicable, be sure to specify 14mm or 18mm and either male or female.

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Slider Male Bowl Piece
Quartz 18mm Bowl Piece
Wove N' Warped Bowl Piece
Clear Bubble Bowl Piece
The Calypso Bowl Piece
Male Dime Bowl Piece
Just Gems Bowl Piece
Triangular Bowl Piece
The Crystal Bowl Piece
Ocean's Tide Bowl Piece
Rad Rasta Bowl Piece
 Football Bowl Piece
The Paint Pot Bowl Piece
Spring Loaded Slider Bowl