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Concentrate Gear


You're gonna need more than just a dab rig to smoke your concentrates. Get your extras all in one place: Banger nails, carb caps, torches and more! 

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Whip-It! Edge Torch
Picture of Sea Spike Dabber
Silicone Skin Tool Holder
Sacred Spark Torch By ZiCO
The Jetsetter Lighter
Squeeze Me Torch By ZiCO
Clean Slate By Scorch Torch
Scorch Torch Ergo Mini
Curvy Quartz Banger Nail
 2mm Quartz 2 in 1 Banger Nail
Barrel Banger Nail
Quartz Mushroom Banger Nail
Whip-It! Ion Lite Torch
The Mad Dabber Carb Cap
Assorted Character Dabber
Rick & Morty Dabber
The Bluetorch By ZiCO
Popsicle Honey Straw
Poppin' Style Lighters
Puff Puppy Carb Cap
Riptide Turbine Carb Cap
The Micro Nectar Collector
Mr. Mush Carb Cap
Illuminated By Scorch Torch
Blast Off By Zico
Picture of No. 1 Fan Nectar Collector