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Grav-2-Go Collection



Includes: Concentrate Rig, Bubbler, and Banger Nail
Concentrate Rig Specs:
‐ Single Chamber; Showerhead Perc
‐ 14mm Female Vapor Dome Bowl Piece for Legal Concentrate
‐ Height: 11”
‐ Weight: 12 oz.
Bubbler Specs:
‐ Left Side Carb Hole
‐ Length: Approx 6.5”
‐ Weight: 2.7 oz
Banger Nail Specs:
‐ Cappucino Banger Nail, Cappucino Carb Cap, and Joint Stand
‐ Joint Size: 14mm Female
‐ Height: 3"
‐ Total Weight: Approx 3 oz.
• Curated by: Ryker
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The kit for every occasion, the Grav-2-Go Collection brings the breadth of Austin, Texas innovation to your doorstep. Whether you’re sitting down for a wax smolder, or off to the club with an ace up your sleeve, this collection of American made glass has the sleek profiles and suave designs that set Grav Labs apart from the pack, without sacrificing usability and convenience. This kit comes with a specialty ‘cappucino’ banger nail for the rig, which comes with its own glass stand to keep it clean while you’re out and about with the compact bubbler.


Here’s what Ryker has to say: “I love collections that tell a story, and knowing the reputation of Grav Labs as a producer of professional, mature pieces, I wanted to put together a set that demonstrates you’re the guy who’s ready for everything from herb to concentrate, you’re the gal with the slick pipe in your blazer and a matching rig on your desk at home. Chic, but not kitsch, Grav-2-Go offers business savvy aesthetic at a wallet savvy price. This versatile three-piece combo will handle anything your friends have to offer, at less than the cost of a single artisan bong.”


This collection includes:
Grav Labs Vapor Dome Water Pipe
James Bond Bubbler by Grav Labs
Cappucino Quartz Banger Nail Set w/ Stand


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