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Hand Pipes & Bubblers

Smoking Outlet is proud to offer a huge selection of hand pipes and bubblers at outrageous prices. The hand pipe is the oldest known smoking method on earth, and even with the introduction of endless new ways to smoke, they are more popular than ever. Today’s hand pipes are beautiful, durable, and efficient. Most of our hand pipes are glass, but we do carry unbreakable silicone pipes as well. You'll see those throughout this section and also specifically in our Silicone category. Every smoker should have a good hand pipe nearby, whether it’s glass or silicone, and whether it's a spoon pipe, sherlock, steamroller, chillum or hammer pipe. We are happy to bring you fun, functional pipes at a fantastic price.


But what do you do when you have that in-between feeling, when you just can’t decide between a quick smoke from a simple hand pipe or a long, smooth, water-cooled hit from your bong? You pick up a bubbler and get the best of both worlds! Featuring the portability of a hand pipe and the filtration of a water pipe, bubblers are the perfect pipe for the smoker who wants it all.

What Types of Hand Pipes are There?

Hand pipes have been around for thousands of years, and a few different styles remain popular. Of course there is the classic corn cob pipe and the apple is one that will never go out of style. But what if you don't want to mix your food with your smoking devise? Well, you have a ton of choices. We're going to break down the most common types of hand pipes and give you a brief description. If you have any  questions about types of pipes or any specific pipes on our site, call us, email us or simply hit up Bongo in the chat.

Spoon Pipes

These hand pipes are named for their resemblance to spoons, and they're the most common hand pipe by a landslide. When most people think of a hand pipe, this is the first type of pipe that they picture. They're easy to use, usually quite durable and comfortable to pass amongst friends. If you're new to smoking, spoon pipes are a great place to start. 

Sherlock Pipes

Sherlock pipes have been popular ever since Mr. Holmes arrived on the scene and deduced a refined, classy way to smoke herb. These curved pipes are normally associated with tobacco smoking, but glass Sherlock pipes have become a popular way to add a little class to your hand pipe game.


Steamrollers are for great for getting huge hits from dry herb. A steamroller is one of the simplest hand pipes out there, consisting of a tube shape with a bowl piece and two open ends. One of the open ends serves as the pipe's carb hole, so the extra airflow delivers a huge lungful depending on the size of the tube.


Chillums are the OG of the hand pipe world. They're also known as one-hitters, and consist of a small tube and bowl piece. Smokers on the go like chillums because they're small and easy to transport. 


Bubblers are water-filtered hand pipes, and there are several different types. To find out more, read Your Basic Guide to Bubblers

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