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In The Clouds Dab Rig Kit

Brands: Diamond Glass
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This Stash Box Includes:
• Cityscape Dab Rig by Icon Glass
• Heavy Duty Mini Torch by ZiCO

• Formula 710 Instant Cleaner 4oz
• Zippo Butane Fuel 75ml
• Silicone 4-Compartment Cloud Concentrate Container
Directional Bubble Carb Cap
Stainless Steel Dabber


Dab Rig Specs:
• Single Chamber; Fixed Stem Perc
• 14mm Female Joint
• 14mm Male Quartz Banger Nail
• Height: 5.5”

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When you dab, why not do it in style? The In the Clouds Dab Rig Kit is everything you need for an attractive, minimalistic-designed setup. Icon Glass's Cityscape Dab Rig sports a unique bent-neck bottle shape that's perfectly handheld. Even with its petite size, it has a nice, roomy chamber with a fixed stem percolator to add a touch of filtration to your vapor. Not to mention, the 4mm quartz banger is super sturdy, and can stand up to high heat!


We've included a durable stainless-steel dabber, as well as a directional carb cap to make sure no vapor is lost in the process, ensuring potent puffs. To heat the nail, you get a compact, yet heavy-duty ZiCO torch. And to hold your concentrates, the charming silicone cloud container has 4 compartments to keep your strains safe and separated. Necessary to a dabbing setup, you'll be stocked with a can of butane for refills, and Formula 710 Instant Cleaner, which is ideal for efficiently cleaning concentrate buildup.


If you appreciate style and simplicity, then you're ready to dab In The Clouds!


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