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Leaf Buddi Wuukah Electronic Dab Rig

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• Single Chamber; Ghost Perc
• Integrated 3200mAh Battery
• LED Display
• Three Conduction Cup Types
• Height: 7”
• Weight: 17.2 oz
• Glass Thickness: 3mm
• Base Diameter: 2.75”
• Leaf Buddi Wuukah Device
• Glass Attachment
• Quartz, Ceramic, & Titanium Conduction Cups
• Dab Tool
• Carb Cap
• Silicone Concentrate Container
• 5 Cotton Swabs
• Extra Gaskets
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Experience dabbing in a way you never have with Leaf Buddie's Wuukah: An innovative electronic dab rig. Forget the torch, forget the fuss: This rig really is the future of dabbing. Rather than heating a nail with a torch, this awesome device runs on a powerful 3200mAh rechargeable battery to power up and heat the conduction cup. To have the most curated dabbing experience possible, the Wuukah includes not one, but three different types of conduction cups: Quartz, ceramic, and titanium. Depending on your preference and concentrate type, choose the type of cup you would like to use, and switch out as needed session by session.

This piece is a stylistic dream, with even better technology. The base is sturdy and heavy, keeping the Wuukah grounded on any surface for safety, and gives it a quality feel. The unique LED display sits on top of the base, which peeks through the water in the glass chamber, providing a nice glowing light to the piece as a whole. The circular screen displays information such as battery level, temperature, and puff count. Not only that, but this smart dab rig allows for precise temperature control, adding some extra customization to your experience. The chamber contains a ghost perc to cool and condition hits, as well as a splash guard under the mouthpiece to prevent splash back. It’s fast-heating and simple to use, while looking chic and modern. This kit contains the Wuukah device, glass attachment, dab tool, carb cap, three cup types, a silicone container, cotton swabs, extra gaskets, and USB-C charger. Dab like a pro with the Wuukah!

Product Specifications
Weight11.8 oz
Glass Thickness2mm
Base Diameter2.5"
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