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Sacred Geometry Sandblasted Bottle by Illuminati Glass


• Double Chamber, Disco Ball Perc
• 14mm Female Joint, Glass on Glass
• 14mm Male Bowl Piece for Tobacco & Legal Dry Herb
• Gender Changer, Nails for Concentrate, and Other Accessories Available
• Clear Borosilicate Glass w/ Sandblasted & Colored Accents
• Height: 12.5”
• Weight: 25 oz
• Glass Thickness: .125”
• Base Diameter: 3.75”
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The Sacred Geometry saga continues with this full size bottle-shaped water pipe by Illuminati Glass. This stately piece is tall and slender, but retains Illuminati’s classic durability and visually engaging design. The pipe is partially sandblasted with a design from the Sacred Geometry family, transitioning the piece from translucent glass to a clean frosted finish. The Illuminati eye medallion is etched on the back, with a smooth face to contrast with the tactile element of the sandblast. This pipe is a looker! And what's more, the medallion is UV sensitive and glows blue under blacklight!


Within the bottle is a pristine disco ball perc: the product of two honeycombs fused together and blown out. The multitude of holes in the double-stacked disco ball is more than enough to fulfill all your diffusion needs, and leave you with a smooth milky smoke every time. This pipe is just one more example of Illuminati’s exacting attention to detail and quality.


Want to convert it to a dab rig? Banger nails, downstems, and more available on our accessories page.

Shipping Info
Weight: 25.00 ounce(s)
Height: 12.50 inch(es)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Product Specifications
Height 12.5"
Weight 25 oz
Glass Thickness .125"
Base Diameter 3.75"
Mouthpiece Inside Diameter .75"
Mouthpiece Outside Diameter 1.7"
Female Joint Diameter and Depth 14mm, .875"
Male Bowl Piece Joint Diameter and Depth 14mm, .875"
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