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Spiritual Alignment Herb Collection


Includes: Water Pipe, Storage Jar, Torch, Grinder and Rolling Tray.
Water Pipe Specs:
‐ Single Chamber; Diffused Downstem, Ice Pinch
‐ 14mm Female Joint, Glass on Glass
‐ Height: 17.5”
‐ Weight: 44.7 oz.
Grinder Specs:
‐ 4-Piece, 3-Chamber Design
‐ Height: 1.6"
‐ Weight: 5.6 oz
Rolling Tray Specs:
‐ 6.25" x 5"
‐ Depth: .5"
‐ Weight: 2.85 oz

• Curated by: Dominique
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Are you at one with yourself right now? Whether you need some help finding your inner peace or just enjoy the chromatech aesthetic, we have everything you need to get your mind right. The crowning jewel that inspired the entire collection is the gorgeous Chromatech Chandelier by Illuminati Glass - a singularly attractive water pipe of the highest quality. This collection includes an iridescent Illuminati Glass water pipe, sculpted face storage jar, mandala grinder, mini Scorch Torch and a decorative rolling tray. Each item in the collection has a riveting visual appeal and serves a specific purpose. Let your spirit wander the wonderful world of weed!


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