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The Beginner’s Dab Kit



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Dabbing can seem intimidating to beginners, with all those bits and pieces you can add, it’s hard to tell what’s really essential. That’s why we put together this beginner’s dab kit: it’s got everything you need to start dabbing—except for the legal concentrate! You get a solid, double-perc dab rig, and a small container for your concentrates. A double-sided dab tool makes it easy to deal with concentrates of all consistencies, and a silicone tray means you don’t have to worry about getting any sticky stuff on your table. You can also use it as a rolling tray, or even as a baking tray in a pinch!


Here’s what Doug has to say: “Dabbing… It can be overwhelming at first, so we just wanted to give everybody a solid, simple place to start. If you're not sure if dabbing is for you, this setup is an inexpesive way to find out.”


This collection includes:
The Hybrid Banger Hanger
ZiCO Quad Jet Butane Torch
Silicone Concentrate Container
Stainless Steel Dabber
Silicone Rolling Tray


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