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The Herbal Grail Combo Grinder


• Ashtray & Rolling Paper Holder
• Pollen Collection Chamber
• 4-Piece, 3-Chamber Design
• Heavy Duty Construction
• Alluminum
• Curved Style Teeth
• Diameter: 3.15”
• Height: 2.2”
• Weight: 18.8 oz.
• Plastic Scraper Included
Brands: Non-Branded
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SKU: GS-GR 70210
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The Herbal Grail, the grinder fit for kings, except - its not just a grinder! This grinder-combo has a small ashtray built into the lid, as well as a slot for holding your rolling papers. You might not have known you needed these things in a grinder, but you certainly do now! The heavy-weight construction makes this piece super sturdy, weighing in at over a pound. Make this grinder your royal, portable rolling station.

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Product Specifications
Height 2.2"
Weight 18.8 oz
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