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Torches & Lighters 

Every great dab starts with a great torch. At Smoking Outlet we hand pick our favorite, most convenient torches to help you get the most out of your dabs. Whether you need a smaller torch for dabs on the go, or a full-size flame for monster rips, you'll find it at Smoking Outlet. We've got you covered on classic lighter styles too. Want the coolest new lighters on the market? Look no further, they're right here.

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Scorch Torch Cigar Lighter
Scorch Torch Ergo Mini
Scorch Torch Junior
Scorch Torch Mini
Scorch Torch Star Saber
Whip-It! Edge Torch
Whip-It! Flex Torch
Whip-It! NEO Torch
ZiCO Arc Lighter - Silver