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The 10 Best Bongs for Halloween

Tuesday, October 2, 2018 Comments (1)

by Spencer Grey


It’s that time again! Halloween is right around the corner, and Bongo’s getting pumped to whip out the cape and fangs for this year. To get YOU in the spirit, we’re offering 10% off of EVERYTHING on our site with the coupon code: HALLOWEED. Just type in the discount code at checkout and get 10% off all items, including Clearance Items and Weekly Specials. And to sweeten the deal, we created a Halloweed category full of pipes and dropped those prices 10% for the month of October, no discount code needed.


The 10 Best Bongs for Halloween


All 10 pipes on this list are 10% off the price you see here, and with HALLOWEED for another 10% off you’re getting serious savings! Check out our top 10 Halloween themed bongs and water pipes. 


Crystal Ball Soft Glass Bong - $29.99 - $49.99


Crystal Ball Soft Glass Bong


Every witch needs a crystal ball! This Halloween, accessorize your costume with a water pipe—much more functional to lug around than an ugly old glass ball. These soft glass bongs come in three sizes to suit your budget and aesthetic. Whether you gofor the Mini, the Medium, or the Mega, you’re getting a hefty water pipe with gorgeous opalescent and metallic accents. These pipes are no joke. They are heavy, sturdy and built to last… oh yeah, and to tell the future.  


Skellington Station Water Pipe - $49.99


Skellington Station Water Pipe

These water pipes are (need we say it?) inspired by the lead skeleton in The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Skellington Station bong is a lightweight but sturdy water pipe with a showerhead perc to diffuse smoke for a clean hit. You have the option to choose between a 14mm male bowl piece for dry herb, or a 14mm x 4mm banger nail for wax or shatter. Plus, it comes in black or pink! What’s not to like?


Dia Del Spiderman Beaker Bong - $69.99


Dia del Spiderman Beaker Bong


Let’s be honest here, there are some questionable design inspirations behind this fusion beaker bong, but we gotta say it all comes together pretty amazingly. It’s all hand-painted, with impeccable web stranding and some metallic silver to add extra… pizzazz… to the face. As water pipes go, the Dia Del Spiderman Beaker definitely deserves a spot in the top 10 bongs for Halloween. If we were going to rank these in a particular order, I’d guess you could say this bong may start a bit low on the list but it will continue to climb its way up as Halloween approaches.


Graveyard’s Greatest Hits Bong - $69.99


Graveyard's Greatest Hits Beaker Bong


Nothing says “Halloween bongs” quite like a glow-in-the-dark graveyard scene. Hell, the windows on the spooky castle look like candy corns! The Graveyard’s Greatest Hits Bong is super solid thanks to 8mm glass, and has a diffused downstem for classic bubbling action. Diffusion not enough cooling power for you? Lucky for you there’s an ice pinch above the chamber, where you can cram 6 inches of ice in the neck. Grab the Graveyard’s Greatest Hits and enjoy another type of chill down your spine this Halloween. 


Mr. Stubbs by Diamond Glass - $69.99


Mr. Stubbs Water Pipe by Diamond Glass

Somebody told us this thing is cute, but for us it’s a creature feature straight out of the uncanny valley. Mr. Stubbs is an amorphous melting dog creature, integrated into a pedestal/pipe chamber. His little platform features an inline diffuser, perfect for pummelling your smoke into submission before it travels up through Mr. Stubbs’ hideous form and out through the mouthpiece. This is one Halloween water pipe that has its own unique brand of disturbing! Seriously, that weird little thing is going to be staring at everyone else in the room while you’re hitting it. Keep your eyes peeled for who stares back the longest.


Skull ‘n Roses Water Pipe - $79.99


Skull 'n Roses Water Pipe


This huge water pipe pretty much screams Halloween. It’s the kind of thing that would look right at home in an overgrown graveyard. The Skull ‘n Roses water pipe is 18.5 inches of percolating power, with both a diffused downstem and 10-arm tree perc located in the second chamber. On top of that (yes, there’s more!) an ice pinch lets you arrange just under 6 inches of ice in the neck for a smoke colder than the grave. Pop on some Appetite for Destruction and let your hair down with this wicked pipe.


The Crypt Keeper Water Pipe - $89.99


Crypt Keeper Water Pipe

Start (or end) your Halloween with hard hits from the Crypt Keeper! This double chamber beauty is a Halloween bong if we ever saw one. The most imposing part of this water pipe is the meticulously crafted one-eyed skull bridging the water chamber and neck/mouthpiece. There’s no denying this bong is ultra-creepy, especially when your eyes catch the tiny skulls attached to the UFO perc up top. The pull on this pipe is smooth and powerful thanks to the dual percs, and big hits are clean and flavorful. Just don’t turn it around once you’ve smoked a bowl—you might scare yourself.     


Sacred Geometry by Cheech Glass - $99.99


Sacred Geometry Water Pipe by Cheech Glass

More interested in combating the dark arts than participating in them? The Sacred Geometry water pipe from Cheech Glass will help round out your arsenal. With precise etching and a unique wood-look perc, this bong’s two chambers have style to match their percolating power. That’s right, a perc that is made to look like wood. When was the last time you saw when of those? This pipe is keen on attention to detail and keeping fuctionality at the forefront of a beautifully designed water pipe. And if used properly, I’m told it keeps away evil. Keep evil at bay with the aid of cool clouds from this high-powered Cheech Glass pipe.


Wisdom of the Ancients Water Pipe - $99.99


Wisdom of the Ancients Water Pipe

As far as freaky-looking bongs go, Wisdom of the Ancients really brings the creep factor with some additional gusto. This double chamber water pipe is perfect for Halloween, thanks to the dual alien heads sculpted into the piece. One head guards the intake underneath the bowl piece, and the other presides over the perc in the top chamber. With two showerhead percs powering this piece, you’ll be pulling scary big, super smooth clouds. This bong is all premium glass and solid construction, and will last for many Halloweens to come!  


Icon by Illuminati Glass - $109.99


Icon Water Pipe by Illuminati Glass

You know how some houses go all out for Halloween and make the front porch into a terrifying haunted house experience, and then some houses are not meant to be scary, but are still very much in the Halloween spirit? That’s what this next pipe is like: Not scary, but more along the lines of mysterious, the Icon by Illuminati Glass definitely belongs among the ranks of the most distinguished Halloween bongs we have to offer. This single chamber beauty features a disco ball perc with an insane multitude of holes to produce a huge volume of bubbles in the bottle shaped chamber. This bong would make an ideal accessory for any mysterious, cryptic, or enigmatic costume.


Speaking of costumes, we here at Smoking Outlet would love to see you in costume with your bong this Halloween. So whether you’re dressing up yourself or your bong or both, hit us up on Instagram @SmokingOutlet so we can check out all of your creativity. We’ll repost our favorites.   


Thanks for looking, and have a safe and happy Halloween!




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