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Dab Rigs for Wax & Oil Concentrates


Growing up, my dad always said, “Use the right tool for the right job.” When it comes to smoking oil and wax concentrates, following this advice is absolutely essential. Without question, the potency and taste of wax and shatter are more refined than dry herb. Although all bongs and water pipes will work for smoking concentrates by simply swapping out the bowl for a vapor dome or banger nail, buying a dab rig that is designed specifically for smoking concentrates will enhance your experience. You’ll enjoy a more efficient and better tasting smoke when you choose one of our dab rigs for sale!


Most of our dab rigs come with a vapor dome and nail or banger nail, but there are plenty more options out there. Be sure to check out our accessories page to find low-priced accessories to take your smoking to the next level. We offer a full range of titanium, glass and quartz options. You’ll find all the nails, carb caps, domes, bangers, honey buckets and concentrate containers you’ll need right here.


If you are looking for a specific size pipe, you can change the search view by choosing the list   rather than the grid pattern. With this view, you will see the picture of the pipe along with the approximate length and other basic information beside it.


For cheap bongs and dab rigs, check out our Clearance & As-Is Items.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to hit us up in the chat or contact us by phone or email. We want to make sure that your shopping experience at Smoking Outlet is pleasant from beginning to end.

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