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Heart of Glass Beaker Bong by New Amsterdam Glass


• Single Chamber, Fixed Stem Perc
• 14mm Female Joint, Glass on Glass
• 14mm Male Bowl Piece for Tobacco & Legal Dry Herb
• Gender Changer, Nails for Concentrate, and Other Accessories Available
• Clear Borosilicate Glass w/ New Amsterdam Glass Logo
• Height: 8”
• Weight: 15.2 oz
• Glass Thickness: 3mm
• Base Diameter: 4.25”
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The Heart of Glass Beaker Bong is a fantastic toking tool when you need something sturdy, simple, and effective! While this bong has the great shape of a beaker, it has a couple tweaks that take it up a notch! Rather than the usual diffused downstem, this bong features a fixed stem. Not only is this simpler to clean, but it also offers the same great filtration as a downstem, thanks to the 8 holes that build up bubbles and get the filtration going. It also has an ultra-sturdy base that you can always rely on! The extra level of thick glass adds ton of support to the body, so you'll never have to worry about tipping. It also features an amazingly-large 1.2 inch-deep bowl, so you won't have to worry about re-packing often with this bad boy!

Shipping Info
Weight: 15.20 ounce(s)
Height: 8.00 inch(es)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Product Specifications
Height 8"
Weight 15.2 oz
Glass Thickness 3mm
Base Diameter 4.25"
Mouthpiece Inside Diameter 1"
Mouthpiece Outside Diameter 1.7"
Female Joint Diameter and Depth 14mm, 0.8"
Male Bowl Piece Joint Diameter and Depth 14mm, 0.8"
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