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Pikachu Can’t Be Serious

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Brands: Non-Branded
• Single Chamber, Diffused Downstem, Ice Pinch
• 18mm Female Joint, Glass on Glass
• 18/14mm Diffused Downstem
• 14mm Male Bowl Piece for Legal Dry Herb
• Gender Changer, Nails for Concentrate, and Other Accessories Available
• Clear Borosilicate Glass w/ Rick & Morty Accents
• Height: 12”
• Weight: 23.6 oz.
• Glass Thickness: .125”
• Base Diameter: 4.5”
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Listen, Morty, I hate to break it to you, but what people call “love” is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. It hits hard, Morty, then it slowly fades, leaving you stranded in a failing marriage. I did it. Your parents are gonna do it. Break the cycle, Morty. Rise above. Focus on science.


If you wondering how much weirder our Rick & Morty pipes could get, just take a closer look at this one. It pretty insane, and we haven’t even smoked out of it yet. This compact beaker bong has over six inches of room for ice in the neck above the pinch and a diffused downstem to make sure you stay cool.


Want to convert it to a dab rig? Banger nails, downstems, and more available on our accessories page.


Product Specifications
Weight23.6 oz
Glass Thickness.125"
Base Diameter4.5"
Mouthpiece Inside Diameter1.8"
Mouthpiece Outside Diameter2.25"
Downstem Joint Diameter, Depth, and Length18/14mm, .75”, 4“
Male Bowl Piece Joint Diameter and Depth14mm, .75"
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